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Dope ass game
about crazy ass idiots
kicking alien ass!
What is this
Genokids is a fast paced co-op hack&slash game where a band of musicians of the same name have to defeat an alien invasion.

Unlock powerful abilities to boost your ass kicking experience!
A bizarre music band named Genokids is rocking one of their best concerts to date when The Infinite Empire of Zenodia decides to invade Earth and assimilate mankind, landing right on top of the band and ruining both their concert and mood.
Loud, edgy, reckless, Red is an extremely energetic young man and the guitarist of Genokids, he loves "cool shit" like spikes, motorcycles and leather jackets.

While he is quite the loudmouth, he does like having fun and genuinely cares about his peers.
The definition of cold and the drummer of Genokids.
Blue is a straightforward, bold and introverted girl with a scary face that spends her time reading comics and playing videogames.

Like the social weirdo she is, she will blurt out media quotes to sound cool.
It appears you wish to be more knowledgeable about this enigmatic individual that so happens to be myself.
Very well then, I shall enlighten you, fellow associate, with a much needed context of my persona and occupation. I am responsible for playing the instrument known as a synthetizer which is an electronic
Cute, bubbly and with the face of an angel, Yellow is the band's diva and bassist.

Don't be fooled by her looks, deep down there's an extremely sadistic young lady whose natural charms attract all sorts of gullible people that will most likely be used and discarded.
Genokids is all about crazy, over the top action.

Blast your way through the enemy forces alone or with friends while you try to one-up each other in front of your fans!
Arm yourself with the power of MOTIVATION and unleash devastating techniques to decimate your opponents!

Go beyond your limits and enter HYPER MODE!
Your crazy FANS will follow you to the ends of the world, sign them an autograph and they will become powerful allies!

What's the target platform(s)?
We're aiming towards a Steam release, but there might be other platforms in the future.
Is the game local or online co-op?
The game is currently only local co-op. Creating, implementing and testing an entire networking system is something that could take at least several months of work.
Will the soundtrack be available for download?
Yeah! We have plans to release an OST when the game is released.
What are the supported languages?
We plan to release the game in english but we would like to add more localizations.
Is there a way to support you?
You can by following us on social media, playing our demo and giving us feedback, helping us spead the word sharing it with your friends and the like does a lot to help us.
If you feel you want to go a step further you can check our Patreon.
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