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Before Alien Invasion

PC / Mac


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(Kickstarter 13 October 2020: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nukefist/genokids-cooperative-hackandslash)
Genokids is a fast paced co-op hack and slash game where a band of musicians of the same name have to defeat an alien invasion. over the top action, engaging enemies, packed story about motivation and superation, character progression and more.

The game will be released on PC and consoles will follow IF nothing outside of our control happens.
Engine used: Unity.


A bizarre music band named Genokids is rocking one of their best concerts to date when The Infinite Empire of Zenodia decides to invade Earth and assimilate mankind, landing right on top of the band and ruining both their concert and mood. Their objective? Unknown. What's clear is that mankind's survival is not part of the schedule.


  • Fast paced Hack and slash
  • Split-screen up to 4 player co-op
  • 4 different characters, each one with it's own weapon and playstyle
  • Defeat an alien invasion
  • Unlock powerful abilities and cool skins
  • Breathtaking stylized visuals
  • Fun and crazy story where the power of motivation is everything
  • Plenty of enemies for a pleasant ass-kicking experience
  • Some enemies are sent flying when defeated for everyone to see


Trailer 1 (Postponed Kickstarter due to COVID) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (32MB)
2020_09_04_22_37_49_MV_Prologue_Avenue - Copy.png
0 Genokids illustration2panoramic.png
2020_09_04_22_38_50_MV_Prologue_Avenue - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_05_00 [MV_Prologue_Avenue] 1920x1080p60 frame 1115 - Copy.png
2020_09_04 21_52_52 [CandylandTrailer] - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_46_06 [CandylandTrailer] 1920x1080p60 frame 909 - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_08_53 [MV_Prologue_Crater] 1920x1080p60 frame 764 - Copy.png
2020_09_04_22_48_46_MV_Prologue_Avenue - Copy.png
2020_09_04 20_30_03 [MV_Prologue] - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_05_00 [MV_Prologue_Avenue] 1920x1080p60 frame 4646 - Copy.png
2020_09_04 21_50_38 [CandylandTrailer] - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_05_00 [MV_Prologue_Avenue] 1920x1080p60 frame 2281 - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_46_06 [CandylandTrailer] 1920x1080p60 frame 573 - Copy.png
2020_09_04_22_57_30_MV_Prologue_Crater - Copy.png
2020_09_04 01_12_03 [MV_Prologue] 1920x1080p60 frame 1926 - Copy.png


Awards & Recognition

  • "I love this." Not us
  • "Are this awards real?" Probably someone
  • "¿Ese juego va de matar?" Some person
  • "10 out of 10" Anonymous
  • "Best game ever" Mom
  • "Ran out of ideas for more awards" Yes

Serie of videos where we show how we are making the game or the tech behind it. https:.

About Nukefist

We are a small new studio composed by two friends that love to play and make games, mainly action and cooperative ones.{br} We work under the motto "if it's not fun, why bother" quoted by Reggie Fils-Aimé, ex-president of Nintendo of America, and love to iterate and polish our work until we are proud of it.{br} We embrace our many limitations and avoid getting confined by our own ideas, making use of any tool at our dispossal and finding inspiration from many places.

More information
More information on Nukefist, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Genokids Credits

Miguel Ángel García

Andrés Leone

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks