Genokids will have voice acting!

February 28th at 9:51pm

It's been a while!

Some days ago we made a casting call for the voice actors of some of our characters, specifically the ones that will show up on the next public demo.
Today the results are in!

Thank you SO much to everyone that participated, we got over 700 auditions!


Devlog #6 | Yellow, Hyper and new enemy!

February 28th at 9:51pm

Hey, welcome to the third devlog, or sixth...!? Anyway you're probably wondering why progress seemed to go slower these... past months, now we can finally talk about this! We've been working for the past year alongside Chibig with this project, making two games in parallel hasn't been easy but we're...

This is the future you chose.

November 28th at 4:11am

This is the future you chose.

Can't beat the cute, no. Not the cute.

Devlog #5 | Preproduction, camera improvements, parkour and next bandmate

November 15th at 9:51pm

Hey, welcome to the second entry to Genokid's blog and 5th devlog!


It was about time for us to go through our GDD and make the necessary changes to accomodate for the current gameplay style, we're hard at work writing every detail we want to include so there are no mor...

Devlog #4 | Character Tag origins, multiplayer issues and overall progress

July 11th at 1:34pm

Hey! Welcome to our first written devlog.
We've decided to switch to this format since it's way more convinient. Writing a script, asking our good friend Cameron to narrate it and then editing it took way too much time that we could've been using to work on the game. Hope this is still informative...